Knee Kickers

Knee Kickers

Here you will find our range of knee kickers from what we believe to be some of the best brands available and are essential for carpet fitting.

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Crain 445 Knee Kicker

Crain 445 knee kicker with standard pad complete with recessed trigger for length adjustment from 17 3/4" to 21 3/4". The pin/head teeth are fully adjustable through nine depth positions to assist wit..


Crain 505 Knee Kicker

Crain 505 Knee Kicker is one of the most durable in the Crain range. The double buttons provide four adjustment lengths from 21" to 25". The visual Pin depth dial provides nine different depth setting..


Crain 525 Wide Head Knee Kicker

Crain 525 Wide Head Knee Kicker has a wider gripping head  with four gripper inserts and an extra row of hardened steel pins, 19 in total. It moves a wider section of carpet  with every kick..


Crain Deluxe Knee Kicker 605

Crain 605 deluxe knee kicker with a higher profile body that more easily spans over stretcher tubes complete with a thick bumper offering more comfort during installation. The trigger offers five adju..


Economy Knee Kicker

Economy Knee Kicker used to stretch carpets onto the wall grippers...


Roberts 412 Knee Kicker

Roberts 412 knee kicker (r10412) that offers excellent value for money. Comes complete with the usual Roberts one year guarantee. Made of precision die cast construction complete with an extension arm..


Roberts 422 Knee Kicker

Roberts 422 (R10422) Knee Kicker has a wider carpet head for improved load distribution. The trigger release adjusts from 44-5cm to 54-5cm. Designed with a high contour neck to be able to fit over str..


Roberts GT 2000 Knee Kicker

Roberts GT 2000 Knee Kicker has an arm extension range from 47cm-57cm incorporating five adjustable positions. The carpet head is 28% percent wider than most normal carpet stretchers giving more gripp..


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