Power Stretchers

Power Stretchers

Power Stretchers are used to get the correct tension in carpets where the size of the area is larger than normal enabling a perfect finish. 

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Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher

Crain 507 Stairway Stretcher is specifically designed for stairs and provides a full and uniform stretch across the tread. By beginning at the top of the stairs and working down the flight., stretchin..

Crain 514 Mini Carpet Stretcher Free Next Day Delivery

Crain 514 Mini Carpet Stretcher

Crain 514 Mini Carpet Stretcher is a versatile and compact stretcher that works without tubes by hooking the tail blade attachment onto the grippers. It can stretch in tight areas, or whenever the tai..

Crain 520 Power Stretcher Free Next Day Delivery

Crain 520 Power Stretcher

Crain 520 Power Stretcher gives you the benefits of both straight and swivel heads. The heads have a 60 degree free swivel for patterned carpets. The built in lock pin can be adjusted into 5 convenien..

Roberts  Power Stretcher Tube 2-3 Days

Roberts Power Stretcher Tube

Roberts  Power Stretcher Tube for use with Roberts Power Stretchers. Made from Lightweight aluminium and expands to 152cm...

Roberts Carpet Seam Stretcher Free Delivery

Roberts Carpet Seam Stretcher

Roberts Carpet Seam stretcher has two stretching heads to be used as a seam stretcher. Each stretching head with adjustable teeth and nap grip inserts. Complete with a plastic storage box for when not..

Roberts GT Powerlok Carpet Stretcher Free Next Day Delivery 2-3 Days

Roberts GT Powerlok Carpet Stretcher

GT Powerlok Carpet Stretcher with a low profile swivel head and a locking device handle to avoid adjusting the aluminium extension tubes. Comes with 4 aluminium extension tubes and a sturdy plastic ca..

Wolff Double Head Stretcher Free Next Day Delivery

Wolff Double Head Stretcher

Wolff Double Head Stretcher designed for balancing pattern drift and correcting lanes or carpet seams. Can be adjusted to any carpet by setting the gripper heads accordingly. Includes a storage case f..