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Shot Blasters

Shot Blasters

Shot Blasters and shot blasting equipment by SPE to a high standard will work in most environments from small areas to large industrial units, there's a machine for all applications. Used to remove latency and provide a key to concrete or steel sub floors.

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SPE-12ES Shotblaster

SPE-12ES Shotblaster

The SPE-12ES machine is an electrically powered compact machine suitable for the preparation of conc..


SPE-16ES Shotblaster

SPE-16ES Shotblaster

The SPE-16ES machine has a seal system feature as with all other machines can be varied from 2" up t..


SPE-20ES Shotblaster

The SPE-20ES machine can have an electrical safety certification for petrochemical refinery use and ..


SPE-9ES Shotblaster

The SPE-9ES machine is a small electrically powered machine mainly used for the preparation of concr..


SPE-9G Shotblaster

The SPE-9EG machine is manually driven and starts and stops on a single dead mans handle delivering ..


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