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Moisture & Testing

Moisture & Testing

Having effective barriers against moisture / damp requires the ability to test the subtrates. Here moisture meters can be found from Protometer and Wolff.

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Protimeter Aquant

The Protimeter Aquant is a non-invasive moisture meter used to assess and monitor the relative moist..


Protimeter Extension Lead

Protimeter Extension Lead for use with a Protimeter Hygrostick..


Protimeter Humidity Box

Protimeter Humidity Box designed to allow the surface %RH to be tested on concrete sub-bases...


Protimeter Humidity Sleeves 12mm

Protimeter Humidity Sleeves 12mm for use with Protimeter humidity testers. Sleeves are 45mm long x 1..


Protimeter Humidity Sleeves 16mm

Protimeter Humidity Sleeves 16mm for use with Protimeter moisture testers. Plastic floor plugs 43mm ..


Protimeter Hygrostick Probe

Protimeter Hygrostick Probe for use with Protimeter moisture testers...

Wolff CCM Instrument Free Delivery

Wolff CCM Instrument

Wolff CCM InstrumentComplete set with all instruments which are necessary for measuring the moisture..

Wolff CCM Set Eco Dig Free Delivery

Wolff CCM Set Eco Dig

Wolff CCM Set Eco DigComplete set with all instruments which are necessary for measuring the moistur..

Wolff Hydrometer Universal V1-D4 Free Delivery

Wolff Hydrometer Universal V1-D4

WOLFF HYGROMETER V1-D4Designed for use with moisture measurements of concrete floors and anhydr..


Wolff Moisture Meter GM-200

WOLFF GM 200 MOISTURE METER For measuring moisture of concrete, cement and anhydrite subfloors&..


Wolff Subfloor Strength Tester

Wolff Subfloor Strength Tester designed to be used as the scratch method. Parallel lines are scratch..


Wolff Substrate Test Kit

Wolff Substrate Test KitContains the complete equipment to test substratesand carry out all moisture..


Wolff Thermohygrometer LVT 15

WOLFF THERMOHYGROMETER LVT 15 • Measures the air temperature• Measures the relative humidity (RH)• C..