Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Various hand tools for the installation of Carpets can be found here.

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Carpet Awl

Carpet Awl designed for use as a lifter by penetrating the carpet enabling the installer to effectively hook the carpet free from the grippers...


Carpet Border Cutter

Carpet Border Cutter for cutting carpet strips. The base plate has a cutting blade along with the surface plate which aids movement along the carpet that is being cut...


Carpet Claw Deluxe

Carpet Claw Deluxe is designed to assist the installer with the removal of old adhered floor coverings...


Carpet Cutter Blue Handle

Carpet Cutter Blue Handle designed for cutting foam backed carpets.(Carpet Cutter Blue Handle Blades can be purchased separately on item 1631 or click the blue link)..


Carpet Cutter Red Handle

Carpet Cutter Red Handle has an ergonomic design and a shaped handle to aid the installer whilst cutting joints in hessian backed carpets. Blades can be changed by a screw release system.(Carpet Cutte..


Carpet Seam Lock

Carpet Seam Lock complete with spring loaded lock helps prevent joins pulling apart during heat seaming. Manufactured from steel for performance and durability...


Carpet Tractor

Carpet Tractor for use on all types of carpet when joining pieces together. Use will result in a tighter adhesion bond with the backing of the carpet and aid a flatter seam...


Crain 147 Edge Binding Stapler

Crain 147 Edge Binding Stapler for use when binding rugs or carpets. The Rapid Classic 1 stapler with an added steel guide to adjust the throat opening. The guide is adjustable from 1/8" to 13/16" and..


Crain 166 Magnetic Driving Bar

Crain 166 Magnetic Driving Bar is a long nose hammering tool designed to extend beneath toe spaces and other low clearance areas to drive gripper nails into the subfloor. The hammering tip is magnetiz..


Crain 174 Instant Repair Kit

Crain 174 Instant Repair Kit designed to remove stains from carpets. It has four blades and a pivot pin that cuts a 3" diameter hole. Constructed of durable aluminium.( Crain 174 Instant Repair Kit sp..


Crain 174 Instant Repair Kit Spare Blades

The blades are designed to be used with the Crain 174 Instant repair tool used to cut circular holes in carpets. These blades have a slot that accepts the blade screws on the tool. Blade dimensions ar..


Crain 192 Carpet Turning Tool

Crain 192 Carpet Turning Tool has a bent leg for tucking carpets under the door bar. This is done by pushing the point to the back of the door bar and then running the point down the bar length. The t..


Crain 195 Carpet Awl

Crain 195 Carpet Awl is made from high carbon steel designed to pierce the carpet for fast removal from the carpet grippers or door plates. It can also be used for light stretching of carpets in awkwa..


Crain 245 Deluxe Carpet Trimmer

Crain 245 Deluxe Carpet Trimmer trims the excess carpet at the wall interfaces prior to final installation. The Crain Deluxe Trimmer has top loading blade carriers to make blade changes faster and eas..


Crain 246 Carpet Trimmer

Crain 246 Carpet Trimmer designed to trim the excess carpet at the perimeter of a room. leaving just the right amount to tuck into the grippers. The blades can be easily changed by removing the blade ..


Crain 247 Carpet and Vinyl Trimmer

Crain 247 Carpet and Vinyl Trimmer has a rounded wall runner which allows it to trim carpets and cushion backed vinyls. It has an anti friction base to prevent scratching the material. The height adju..


Crain 518 Stair Claw

Crain 518 Stair Claw provides a simple way to stretch carpet across the stair tread and form it around the stair nosing. Hook the gripper teeth into the carpet just ahead of the nosing, then pull the ..


Crain Mitre Block Nickel Plated

Crain Nickle plated Mitre Block is designed for floor layers. The space saving design comes complete with highly accurate case hardened steel guides to resist wear when used with conventional hacksaws..


Economy Carpet Claw

Economy Carpet Claw designed to assist the installer with removal of old floor coverings...


Economy Nail Driving Bar

Economy Nail Driving Bar for use when installing gripper nails in confined spaces...


Economy Staple Hammer

Economy Staple Hammer is a slightly cheaper version of the rapid 11 staple hammer. (image is for illustration purposes only, actual product may vary) Has an ergonomic design with safety bumper and mag..



An aluminium hacksaw that takes standard 12" hacksaw blades (sold separately) providing a useful tool to cut any aluminium door plates and profiles.( Hacksaw spare blades can purchased separately..


Junior Hacksaw

Junior Hacksaw for use when cutting smaller trims or profiles.(Junior Hacksaw Blades can be purchased separately at item 1479 or click the blue link)..


Pajarito 768 Carpet Trimmer

Pajarito 768 Carpet Trimmer for cutting of carpet seams having a foam backing. Made from Nickel plated steel and a plastic handle. Blades are designed to be changed once worn.( Pajarito 768 Carpe..


Pajarito 877 Carpet Claw

Pajarito 877 Carpet Claw designed to assist the installer with the removal of old adhered floor coverings...


Panel Lifter for Carpets

Panel Lifter for Carpets a useful tool for lifting access panel floors with a carpeted surface...

Roberts Handi Vice Out Of Stock

Roberts Handi Vice

Roberts Handi Vice is a must product designed to be a portable clamping device that makes cutting metal profiles easily. It is easy to use, durable, lightweight and the adjustable hinge makes it suita..


Roberts R1010 Carpet Claw

Roberts R1010 Carpet Claw is the ideal tool for removal of old carpets adhered to the substrates...


Roberts R10523 Rolling Carpet Tucker

Roberts R10523 Rolling Carpet Tucker allows the installer to tuck carpets upto5x faster than a conventional method. Built with a non slip handle for better grip and is capable of tucking all types of ..


Speed Catt Carpet Tucking Tool

Speed Catt Carpet Tucking Tool speeds up the process of tucking the carpet behind the gripper rods. It has an adjustable plate and three adjustable running tucking tools...


Spotnails SM11 Rapid Stapler NEW

Spotnails SM11 Rapid Stapler NEW Improved version, designed to help the installer fit underlay, felt paper and low pile carpets.More durable tool made to higher specifications. It holds two strips of ..


Standard Tack Hammer

Standard Tack Hammer built with a steel shaft comfortable rubber end for grip and a tack claw. Used to install carpet tacks...


Stanley Wonder Uplift Bar

Stanley Wonder Uplift Bar used to lift nails or screws form sub bases or plates. Forged from high carbon steel to give strength and durability and has n exstended tongue for grip and access into hard ..


Super Tack Hammer

Super Tack Hammer manufactured from forged polished steel. To be used as a nail claw and for fixing carpets and removing grippers...


Tack Lifter

Tack Lifter designed for use to remove old nails/ staples...


Wolff 65660 Carpet Awl

Wolff 65660 Carpet Awl used for unhooking/disengaging the carpets off grippers and around perimeter objects...