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Other Tools

Other Tools

An entire arsenal of tools is required to lay flooring correctly, safely and evenly. Whether you need hacksaws, humidity sleeves, storage boxes, repair kits or another type of miscellaneous tool for your flooring project, you will find them all at Flooring Tools Direct.

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Adhesive Applicator

Adhesive and Gripfill Applicator gun for applying sealants from 310ml and 400ml cartridges...


Adhesive Syringe

Adhesive Syringe for use when applying adhesive into bubbles within the floorcovering. (One Syringe ..


Applicator Bottle

Applicator Bottle only. Can be used as a seaming cement or chalk container...


Crain Mitre Block Nickel Plated

Crain Nickle plated Mitre Block is designed for floor layers. The space saving design comes complete..


Diamond Sharpening Stone Folding

Diamond folding Sharpening Stone retracts into a carry case for storage then unfolds into a permanen..



An aluminium hacksaw that takes standard 12" hacksaw blades (sold separately) providing a useful too..


Junior Hacksaw

Junior Hacksaw for use when cutting smaller trims or profiles.(Junior Hacksaw Blades can be purchase..


Pajarito 262 Mitre Block

Pajarito 262 Mitre Block made from Birch Plywood with glued side walls is made for cutting 45 degree..

Roberts Carpet Claw New

Roberts Carpet Claw

Roberts Carpet Claw is the ideal tool for removal of old carpets adhered to teh substrates...


Roberts Handi Vice

Roberts Handi Vice is a must product designed to be a portable clamping device that makes cutting me..


Rubber Mallet Black

Rubber Black Mallet used for hammering carpet bolsters whilst installing carpets can be used for m..


Rubber Mallet White

Rubber White Mallet used for hammering carpet bolsters whilst installing carpets can be used for m..


Sharpening Stone Boat Style

Sharpening Stone Boat Style for sharpening blades..


Stanley Wonder Uplift Bar

Stanley Wonder Uplift Bar used to lift nails or screws form sub bases or plates. Forged from high ca..


Tack Lifter

Tack Lifter designed for use to remove old nails/ staples...