Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Various hand tools for the installation of Ceramics can be found here.

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Carbide Offset-Bite Nippers

Carbide Offset-Bite Nippers are made for lasting durability. The overall length is 8" or 20.32cm and are commonly used to make circular cuts into ceramic tiles or to take small nips or bites out of st..


Crain 166 Magnetic Driving Bar

Crain 166 Magnetic Driving Bar is a long nose hammering tool designed to extend beneath toe spaces and other low clearance areas to drive gripper nails into the subfloor. The hammering tip is magnetiz..


Crain Mitre Block Nickel Plated

Crain Nickle plated Mitre Block is designed for floor layers. The space saving design comes complete with highly accurate case hardened steel guides to resist wear when used with conventional hacksaws..


Economy Nail Driving Bar

Economy Nail Driving Bar for use when installing gripper nails in confined spaces...



An aluminium hacksaw that takes standard 12" hacksaw blades (sold separately) providing a useful tool to cut any aluminium door plates and profiles.( Hacksaw spare blades can purchased separately..


Junior Hacksaw

Junior Hacksaw for use when cutting smaller trims or profiles.(Junior Hacksaw Blades can be purchased separately at item 1479 or click the blue link)..

Roberts Handi Vice Out Of Stock

Roberts Handi Vice

Roberts Handi Vice is a must product designed to be a portable clamping device that makes cutting metal profiles easily. It is easy to use, durable, lightweight and the adjustable hinge makes it suita..


Score and Break Tile Nippers

Score and Break Tile Nippers are a handy and inexpensive hand cutter designed to cut / nip most ceramic tiles. Having a carbide wheel that will also cut glass if required...


Stanley Wonder Uplift Bar

Stanley Wonder Uplift Bar used to lift nails or screws form sub bases or plates. Forged from high carbon steel to give strength and durability and has n exstended tongue for grip and access into hard ..


Tack Lifter

Tack Lifter designed for use to remove old nails/ staples...


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