Diamond Discs

Diamond Discs

Diamond Cutting Discs and Drill Cutters for angle grinders, petrol cutters, floor/wall cutters and drilling machines.

Questions to ask when purchasing diamond blades / cutters

What are you cutting,this will determine the bond of the blade required, the depth, to hard a bond the blade will stop just after using, too soft it will wear out faster.

What kind of saw are you using,different horsepower requires different types of blades.

Is the application your cutting wet or dry, usually the smaller the discs are designed for dry cuts, discs over 600mm are designed for wet cutting.

What size of diamond blade do I need, this factor is determined on the tool used for the job we have made it easy to choose from a good range


  • The Higher the grade means the higher performance in cutting speeds, metres of cuts.
  • Choice of cutting / drilling product to suit the job
  • A True value for money
  • Bartell consumer confidence a name you can trust

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