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A range of scribers to mark the sheet vinyl, tiles or mark the walls for cove formation. The leading manufacturers of Pajarito, Crain and Wolff are all available.

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Bar Scriber

Bar Scriber is a standard scriber designed to mark sheet vinyl or linoleum when scribing against wal..


Crain Outside Corner Scriber

Crain Outside Corner Scriber for use in forming outside corners on sheet vinyl, linoleum and rubber ..


Crain Outside Corner Scriber Needles

Crain Outside Corner Scriber Needles (pack of 50) are replacement needles which can be used on most ..


Economy Combination Scriber

Economy Combination Scriber able to scribe the vinyl sheet. Scribe blades are interchangeable after ..


Pajarito 401 Half Inch Scriber With Handle

Pajarito 401 Half Inch Scriber complete with a three way wooden handle. 105mm in length the handle c..


Pajarito 401 Scriber.

Pajarito 401 Scriber. The scriber is made from brass and accepts interchangeable scribing pins (so..


Pajarito 403 Recess Scriber

Pajarito 403 Recess Scriber or most common known as a reverse scriber, built with an under curve gui..


Pajarito 407B Combination Scriber and Cutter

Pajarito 407B Combination Scriber and Cutter can be adjusted continuously and locked within 385mm. W..


Pajarito 421 Combination Scriber And Cutter

Pajarito 421 Combination Scriber And Cutter is a smaller light weight scriber. Made from a plastic b..


Pajarito Scriber Blades

Pajarito Scriber Cutter Blades for use with Pajarito scribers (Pack of 6 blades)( Pajarito 407B Scri..


Pajarito Scriber Pins

Pajarito Scriber Pins (pack of 25) for use with Pajarito scribers( Pajarito 401 Scriber tool ca..


Recess Scriber

Recess Scriber for marking or scribing of sheet vinyl/Linoleum. The marking pin can be adjusted to a..


Wolff Combi Scriber

Wolff Combi Scriber used for scribing and cutting vinyl floor coverings. Can be used as a scriber an..


Wolff Height Scriber

Wolff Height Scriber used at perimeter edges for accurate marking of skirting heights..


Wolff Seam Scriber

Wolff Seam Scriber for use with Vinyl/Linoleum when installing seams and PVC skirting's. Needles are..