Grouting & Cleaning

Grouting & Cleaning

Grouting applicators and cleaning tools can be found here.

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Large Hydrophillic Sponge

A Large Hydrophillic Sponge designed to wipe away most spillages and combining the performance of cellulose while maintaining the physical properties of polyurethane...


Oscillating Saw Blade 78MM

Universal 78 mm Triangular Multi Tool Carbide Oscillating Saw BladeAre used for sanding, grinding, cutting, scrapping and sawing effectively, leaving a clean surface.This multi tool blade is ideal for..


Super Grip Pro Flex Gum Float

Super Grip Pro Flex Gum Float manufactured with a Pure Gum underside to leave the cleanest floor possible. The Superflex plastic back prevents marring of ceramic tiles. The flexibility maintains a sha..


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