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Grooving & Welding Tools

Grooving & Welding Tools

Grooving and specialist welding tools can be found here to provide sealed joints between vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet. Leading brand names from Leister, Wolff, Steinel and Pajarito can be found here.

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Altro Grooving Chisel

Altro Grooving Chisel for marking a V between sheets of Altro, Linoleum and Vinyl prior to hot air welding..


Altro Hand Grooving Tool

Hand Grooving Tool to mark a V between the sheets of Altro and other vinyl products prior to weld application.( Altro Hand Grooving Tool spare bar can be purchased separately at item 1310 or click the..


Altro Hand Grooving Tool spare grooving bar

Altro Hand Grooving Tool spare grooving bar for use with the Alto Hand Grooving tool( Altro Hand Grooving Tool can be purchased separately on item 1009 or click the blue link)..


Fraesrex Spare Blade 3.5mm

Fraesrex Spare Blade 3.5mm is a Tungsten carbide steel tipped blade made for the Leister auto Groover. The dimensions are 110mm x 3.5mm thickness and having a Trapezoidal profile...

Janser Beetle Groover New

Janser Beetle Groover

Janser Beetle Groover for grooving all types of saftey flooring. (supplied in silver colour)..

Janser Quick Groover New

Janser Quick Groover

Janser Quick Groover, for groover safety vinyls with quick blade change take normal U type groover blades...


Leather Sheath For Spatula

Leather Sheath for storage of a welding trimming spatula when not in use...

Leister Fraesrex Grooving Machine Free Delivery

Leister Fraesrex Grooving Machine

Leister Fraesrex Grooving Machine for use after the installation of vinyl floor coverings, allows the installer to provide an automatic perfect v groove between two sheets of vinyl prior to the use of..


Leister Hand Grooving Tool

Leister Hand Grooving Tool has been designed to be lightweight tool for the experienced floor layer installing sheet Vinyl or Linoleum. Its ergonomic shape makes it possible to achieve a desired groov..


Leister Hand Grooving Tool Blade

Leister Hand Grooving Tool Blade for use with the Leister Hand Grooving Tool. Blade depth is 3.5mm...

Leister Mini Floor Drive Free Delivery

Leister Mini Floor Drive

Leister Mini Floor Drive the field use of the Triac can be expanded turning the conventional Triac Welder into an automated version at a fraction of the cost of a new Leister Automatic welder. The dri..


Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool

Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool is made in Germany and is designed to cut away any excess weld on safety flooring. Its ease of application allows pressure to be applied downwards and forwards whilst the..


Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool Spare Blade

Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool Spare Blade( Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool can be purchased separately at item 1189 or click the blue link)..


P Type Groover

The P Type Groover is a tool used by hard floor layers to apply a U type groove between two sheets of fully adhered vinyl prior to the hot weld system. The blade is made from sprung steel and is fully..


Pajarito 664 Groover Spare Blades

Pajarito 664 Groover Spare Blades for use with the Pajarito 664 Groover (One pack contains 10 blades)( Pajarito 664 Groover tool can be purchased separately at item 1104 or click the blue link)..


Pajarito 664 Grooving Tool

Pajarito 664 Grooving Tool comes with a zinc plated flat steel blade holder with exchangeable J shaped blades. ( Pajarito 664 Grooving Tool spare blades can be purchased separately at item 1312 o..


Pajarito Solid Feed Roller

Pajarito Solid Feed Roller. Nickel plated roller mounting concave brass wheel wooden handle which is drilled to feed weld rod through...


Spatula Trimming Knife

Spatula Trimming Knife for use when hot welding sheet vinyl, used to trim excess vinyl weld to make a smooth jointed finish...


Speed Groover Quick Blade Change

Speed Groover including a Quick Blade Change. a tool used by hard floor installers especially safety flooring to make a groove between two sheets of vinyl prior to welding together. Takes U shaped bla..


Speed Weld Nozzle Cleaner

Speed Weld Nozzle Cleaner, a brush designed to clean off burnt weld fragments within the speed weld nozzles...


U Type Groover blades

U Type Groover blades for use with the P- Type Groover and the Speed Groover tool (one pack contains 10 blades)( P Type Groover tool can be purchased separately on item 1095, Speed Groover tool c..


Weld Cutting Slide

Weld Cutting Slide used to trim off excess weld rod to make the finish surface smooth and flat...

Wolff Frasmaster Grooving Machine Free Delivery 2-3 Days

Wolff Frasmaster Grooving Machine

Joint grooving machine Fräsmaster The powerful WOLFF floor joint groover with hard metal grooving disc automatic depth control to ensure full grooving of joints even on uneven substrates with..


Wolff Groover

Wolff Groover for applying a groove between sheets of Vinyl or Linoleum...


Wolff Joint Groover

Wolf Joint Groover to be used when installing vinyl/linoleum sheet material to apply a v/u shaped groove along the joints...


Wolff Joint Groover with Guide Wheels

Wolff Vinyl/linoleum joint groover for use along the seams prior to heat welding. Designed with two small wheels to follow the seam and has an adjustable groove depth...


Wolff Push Off Knife

Wolff Push-Off Knife designed for trimming off excess weld at the seams or welded skirting's...


Xacto Knife Handle

Xacto Knife Handle for use with Xacto blades when trimming excess weld from internal and external vinyl corners...

Xacto Router Handle Blades 2-3 Days

Xacto Router Handle Blades

Xacto Router Handle Blades. One pack contains 4 Internal and 4 external blades...