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Grooving & Welding Tools

Grooving & Welding Tools

Grooving and specialist welding tools can be found here to provide sealed joints between vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet. Leading brand names from Leister, Wolff, Steinel and Pajarito can be found here.

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Altro Grooving Chisel

Altro Grooving Chisel for marking a V between sheets of Altro, Linoleum and Vinyl prior to hot air w..


Altro Hand Grooving Tool

Hand Grooving Tool to mark a V between the sheets of Altro and other vinyl products prior to weld ap..


Altro Hand Grooving Tool spare grooving bar

Altro Hand Grooving Tool spare grooving bar for use with the Alto Hand Grooving tool( Altro Han..


Fraesrex Spare Blade 3.5mm

Fraesrex Spare Blade 3.5mm is a Tungsten carbide steel tipped blade made for the Leister auto Groove..


Leather Sheath For Spatula

Leather Sheath for storage of a welding trimming spatula when not in use...

Leister Fraesrex Grooving Machine Free Delivery

Leister Fraesrex Grooving Machine

Leister Fraesrex Grooving Machine for use after the installation of vinyl floor coverings, allows th..


Leister Hand Grooving Tool

Leister Hand Grooving Tool has been designed to be lightweight tool for the experienced floor layer ..


Leister Hand Grooving Tool Blade

Leister Hand Grooving Tool Blade for use with the Leister Hand Grooving Tool. Blade depth is 3.5mm...

Leister Mini Floor Drive Free Delivery

Leister Mini Floor Drive

Leister Mini Floor Drive the field use of the Triac can be expanded turning the conventional Triac W..


Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool

Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool is made in Germany and is designed to cut away any excess weld on safe..


Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool Spare Blade

Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool Spare Blade( Mozart Weld Rod Trimming Tool can be purchased separ..


P Type Groover

The P Type Groover is a tool used by hard floor layers to apply a U type groove between two sheets o..


Pajarito 664 Groover Spare Blades

Pajarito 664 Groover Spare Blades for use with the Pajarito 664 Groover (One pack contains 10 blades..


Pajarito 664 Grooving Tool

Pajarito 664 Grooving Tool comes with a zinc plated flat steel blade holder with exchangeable J shap..


Pajarito Solid Feed Roller

Pajarito Solid Feed Roller. Nickel plated roller mounting concave brass wheel wooden handle which is..