Door Cutters

Door Cutters

To cut a door you need a precision tool able to provide a professional finish every time. Here you will find Door Cutters from Roberts, Gulliver and Wolff.

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Crain Under Cutting Saw

Crain Under Cutting Saw for removal of timber door jams by hand. The heavy duty steel bracket fixed to the wooden handle and complete with a trapezoidal high carbon steel changeable blade includes a 1..

Gulliver Door Trimmer Free Delivery

Gulliver Door Trimmer

Gulliver Door Trimmer designed to give the floor covering installer an electric cutter to adjust/trim the door clearance over the floor covering being installed without the removal of the door. Comple..


Gulliver Door Trimmer Replacement Blade

Gulliver Door Trimmer Replacement Blade (One Blade)( Gulliver Door Trimmer can be purchased separately at item 1296 or click the blue link)..

Roberts Jamb Saw Blade Out Of Stock

Roberts Jamb Saw Blade

Roberts Jamb Saw Blade designed to fit the Roberts R10-56 Long Neck Plus Jamb Saw. A 158mm carbide tipped blade with cupped arbor for precise flush cuts to timber products only.( Roberts R10-56 L..

Roberts Long Neck Plus Jamb Saw Free Delivery

Roberts Long Neck Plus Jamb Saw

Manufactured with a 1100 watt motor and having an adjustable blade height cut from 3mm-27mm. Designed to cut door jamb with a thickness of 12mm or below. The new 2018 Model has twist grip handle to al..

Wolff Door Saw Piranha Free Delivery 2-3 Days

Wolff Door Saw Piranha

Wolff Door Saw Piranha For exact cutting of doors, door frame door cases and skirting in situ. Can also be used to cut wood and laminate floors after installation.variable height and depth adjustment:..