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Seaming & Joining

Seaming & Joining

Providing the perfect joint between two vinyl tiles or sheet that needs welding requires a precision tool. Here you can find many tools to choose from.

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Coldweld Multicut

Coldweld Multicut designed to assist in the sealing preparation of cushion vinyls when seaming toget..

Wolff Greencut Free Delivery

Wolff Greencut

Wolff GreenCutPractical multi-function device for cutting strips and seems for neat trimmi..


Wolff Linocut Seam Cutter

Wolff Seam Cutter Linocut The advancement of a classic tool. Perfect seams for all elastic floor co..


Wolff Linoleum Edge Cutter

Wolff Lino edge Cutter is designed to trim factory cut edges and to remove stress along the seams or..


Wolff Railcut

Wolff Railcut for perfect seam cutting. The seam cut is made using a rail at the ideal angle of 90° ..


Wolff Rubbing Hammer

Wolff Rubbing hammer for pressing in vinyls or smoothing out joins...